The boss of Twitter turns totally maximalist of Bitcoin: Jack Dorsey runs his full node!

Jack Dorsey is blockchain-connected – What a fantastic time the cryptosphere is living! Could this be the famous shift towards mass adoption? In any case, what is certain is that Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, has proudly tweeted that he is (finally) deploying his own full node of the Bitcoin network.

Jack Dorsey, more and more fan of Bitcoin

At the end of January, at the same time as Elon Musk , Jack Dorsey created the buzz around the king of cryptos by putting – simply and only – the hashtag #Bitcoin in the description of his Twitter account .

And this February 5, the CEO of the social network seems to have taken a further step towards Bitcoin, by revealing that he was running his own full node , in order to participate in the consensus of the network created by Satoshi Nakamoto.

This means that it downloaded the entire transaction history of the Bitcoin blockchain

It thus joins the more than 7,300 complete nodes existing on the network of the king of cryptos.

Besides being essential for the good health of the Bitcoin blockchain, running your own node has other advantages , especially from a security point of view and protection of your privacy , because there is no need to pass (and therefore to trust ) a third node to consult / carry out its transactions.

If you too want to have your own full node, we recently gave you a short guide, using the excellent Umbrel software client . In less than 2, you will have full control of your Bitcoin wallet (s) !